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In today’s technology and information environments, there is an urgent need for a flexible cybersecurity program with a continuity & disaster recovery program that supports Small and Medium-size Enterprise (SME/SMB) businesses. Altcyber Controls Cybersecurity programs are developed to fit any business-specific Needs, which can allow companies to defend and recover from cyber-attacks.


About ACC Consulting LLC

Altcyber Controls Cybersecurity focuses on developing cybersecurity programs, using frameworks, security controls, procedures, interpret risk assessments, gap analysis, and current cybersecurity status. The cybersecurity program is developed to help businesses and government organizations build cybersecurity programs and security controls. ACC consulting LLC is a single-member owned IT and cybersecurity consulting U.S. freelancer company, which is owned by Mark S Nadeau MSCS, MBA, BSIT with ten 1/2 years in enterprise system development. See “SERVICES” page to view all IT and cybersecurity services provided.

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Small and Medium Business Cybersecurity Development Program

by Mr. Mark S. Nadeau
Paperback URL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R4ZK363


The purpose of this book is to provide all businesses with a clear guide and practical path to cybersecurity awareness with an organization’s successful, cost-effective security framework structure. Also, having ethical security policies and required methods for securing customers’ private data, companies’ intellectual information, and business security support organizational continuity. Besides, they are meeting and exceeding government, industry, international laws, and regulatory requirements. There is an urgent need for a flexible Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery security program in today’s technology and information environments.

This is an update of the book that was published in July 2019, with the updated format, and information that includes policy template and example, plus SOC reporting. This cybersecurity program is designed to fit any business-specific needs, allowing the business to rapidly recover from most all disasters or cyber-attacks, the best use of Cloud and MSSP service providers, supplying continuous availability. The security program requirements must cover disaster recovery, data backup & protection, cyber resiliency, continuity with minimal downtime, and a robust but flexible security framework. Also, providing businesses with resilience and peace of mind that their organization’s sensitive data is safe and secure.

ASIN : B08R4ZK363
Publisher : Independently published (December 16, 2020)
Language: : English
Paperback : 209 pages
ISBN-13 : 979-8582616931
Item Weight : 1.52 pounds
Dimensions : 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches

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