Altcyber Controls Cyber security consulting LLC is looking to help small and medium-sized businesses (SME/SMB), or government state organizations update their cyber security program or start one and protect their sensitive customer data and network systems. I can provide the individual security documents listed below and work on site of project or remotely to keep down the cost.

ACC Consulting LLC Services

IT Cyber Security Project Management

We can setup a Service Level Agreement (SLA), Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA), An independent contractor agreement, a non-compete agreement, and Bill of Sale.

Let’s build something together.

Product List

Develop Cyber security Program:

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Security Framework Development, using (NIST Cyber security Framework 1.1 CSF, NIST SP 800-53, and SP 800-37, or ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
  • System Design Document
  • Cyber security Training
  • Cyber security Test Validation Scheme
  • Cyber security Program Maintenance
  • Incident Response Management

Cyber security Procedures:

  • Procedures to track performance
  • Procedures to monitor and measure performance for areas of improvement
  • Procedures to identify new threats, vulnerabilities, or any countermeasures
  • Procedures to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of policies
  • Procedures and technical tools to monitor the internal and external environment
  • Procedures for budget allocation
  • Procedures to catch any oversights

Cyber Security Vulnerability Testing:

  • Wireless Access and Encryption Testing
  • Access Controls Wireless
  • Test Routers, Switches, Workstation, Laptop, Server
  • Segregation in Networks
  • Website security scan
  • Electronic Security Perimeters

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